Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Draw 12

At the end of the third end, Alberta is up 5-0, so I think I know where that is going. BC lead QC 4-1. ON and NO have traded singles and a NO blank. NL lead NS 3-1.

UPDATE: All sheets are at the break.
AB 9 - SK 2.
BC 5 - QC 4.
ON 1 - NO 1.
NL 6 - NS 2.

UPDATE: Alberta and Newfoundland have won handily. Alberta is now 7-1, Newfoundland 6-2.
Ontario is up 3-2 after 7, but Northern Ontario is truly tenacious.
BC and QC are tied at 6 after 7 ends.

UPDATE: Howard makes a key miss in the eighth end and allows Northern Ontario to take 2, and lead 3-2. The ninth end is in the process of being blanked.


NO to button. ON corner guard. NO rock in front of other one. ON corner guard on the other side. NO peel left corner guard (I am sitting behind the rings), just missing doubling the other. ON go in behind remaining corner guard. NO hit the corner guard and just miss doubling the ON rock in the rings. ON replace the guard. but leave the rock in the rings in place. NO just get by the guard and remove the ON rock in the rings, losing the shooter. ON freeze attempt on rock on the button comes up a little short., but the rock on the button is backing and NO is thinking as a group. They run their front rock back, kill the ON stone, and stay. ON freeze attempt comes up short and exposed. NO chip it out and stay. ON angle freezes successfully. Once again there is a NO team consultation. It is not clear who is shot, and NO just shut down the path to the ON rock. ON shot ends up not affecting the frozen rocks - ON was shot. Howard is on to plan B.

END #11: It's at the other end of the sheets so I 'll let you watch TSN if you can; that's what I'll be doing.

QQc and BC have also gone to an extra end at 7-7.

UPDATE: NO and BC win.



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