Monday, March 07, 2011

Draw 8

I'm in front of Ontario - Quebec, and will cover it lightly.

TSN featuring Alberta - Newfoundland, which is a relief as it is on the far sheet and I have a TV here.

END #1: By QC first skip rock, ON have split the rings. His attempt to hit one and roll to the other fails, in the latter part. So Ontario split again. Hit and roll works now but it is not much help in that it's the last rock. ON hit and stay for two.

NL are held to one in the first.

END #2: ON have a cluster of rocks surrounding a Quebec stone and the question for QC is whether they can get the red stone to be a counter to have a hope of getting two. I'd say neither two nor a blank look likely. They remove a n ON rock protecting the cluster. ON tries to slide one by cover on the other side but rubs on his own rock. QC take one.
2-1 ON

NL steal 2 in the second from AB. 3-0.

END #3: ON get 3. 5-1 over QC.
NL steal another. 4-0 over AB.

END #4: AB blank.
QC miss a nice raise possibility for 3, but get 2. 5-3 ON.

END #5: AB finally get two 4-2 NL.
Great double (perhaps more accurately, in-off) by Howard to score 3. 8-3 ON

END #6: Gushue makes an amazing shot to score 2: 6-2 NL
Facing 3, and no obviousway to get to the button, Gagne finds enough of the four-foot for one. 8-4 ON
Gagne explains his strategy to the coach: 'Steal, steal, steal, steal'.

END #7: AB get 2. 6-4 NL.
Strategy did not work - Ontario score 4, Quebec shake hands.

END#8: NL get 3, Martin shakes hands.

Wow - 3 teams at 4-1.



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