Sunday, March 06, 2011

Draw 4

We're about thave the entry ceremony as practice is just wrapping up.

I have Ontario and Nova Scotia in front of me and Alberta and BC on the neighboring sheet. I'll report what I can makee out of that, so mostly in even ends. TSN is featuring Newfoundland and Labrador against Northern Ontario on the farthest sheet. Saskatchewan is playing Quebec.

END #1. ON, AL, QC, and NO have the hammer. NS front guard, ON hit andstay just in front of or biting the rings. NS come around. ON try to freeze but bump open. NS angle freeze behind the guard. ON remove the guard - not how advertently. NS center guard. ON peel the guard and move the house rocks around. The previous ON rock is in front of the house just off center. ON clean up now lying two behind a center guard. I think. NS hit and stick but are open. ON hit and roll behind cover. Well, some cover. NS come in behind cover. ON appear to have gone by the NS rock in the house. NS appear to have frozeon to one of the ON rocks. ON draw for one.
AB blank one. NO take one. QC take 2.

END #2. ON centre guard right in front of the house. NS come around to the button. ON freeze. NS freezewith a little bump. ON put up a centre guard a little farther out. NS peel and now ON has a guard just to the other side of thee center from their first. ON pick and bump and clear away NS rocks, leacving one partly open. NS hit and roll, but into view. ON hit. NS hit. ON hit and roll awayto the twelve foot.NS hit and lose the shooter.
Over at Alberta, BC had three rocks in the house for the first Martin rock and he missedso there are still three.
ON draw behind the guard in the front of the twelve and look pretty open. NS hit and stick .
Last AB rock is a draw against four, which they make with comfort. 1-0 AB.
Watching AB I missed the ON rock but we have a n ON rock partly under cover. NS blank. 1-0 ON.

The Quebec match looks like the most entertaining so far. They force SK to 1. 2-1 QC.

END #3: ON to just back of the button. NS corner guard. ON put a rock in front of the button, Their rocks are just off to the other side of the guard. SK hit the front one , stay, and remove therear ON rock. ON hit and stay, removing the NS rock andleaving their back one a biter. NS hit and roll but too far, losing the shooter. ON peel the guard. NS freeze to the biter. ON clear both aaway - house is empty and open. NS go a bit behund the T-line in the eight-foot. ON hits and rools out. NS put a rock at teh back of the house in the twelve fooot. ON hit and stick. NS hit and stick. ON hit and roll out. NS blank.

AB steal two in the third. 3-0.
NO get out of a messy position and take one in the hird. 2-1 NO over NL.
QC get 2 in the third. 4-1 QC over SK. QC is starting to look real!

END #4: ON just offset from button. NS corner guard. ON put a front guard in front of their rock, just outside the house. NS angle freeze to ON rock in the house. ON freeze to that, so that if they hit their the NS rock is gone. NS angle freeze to it. ON pick it. NS freeze bumps off a bit and open. ON pick it out. NS put a rock in the twelve out front beside the front of the frozen chain of three. ON hit it (probably out) and roll the shooter into the front group of rocks. They also bumped the NS rock back so it is the counter. NS hit one of the ON rocks out and stay. Long discussion by the whole Ontario team; Howard guards the new NS rock (I can see now that NS could hit it to likely get rid of all the ON rocks.) NS hits. I miss the ON shot - it leaves NS a tough double for two but they miss and give ON a steal of one.
2-0 ON.

Meanwhile AB steal 2, for 5-1.
QC blank after SK steal 3 - 3-2 SK.
NO And NL at 2-2, exchanging ones.

END #5: ON to the button. NS corner guard. ON center guard just in front of the house. NS angle freeze (sounding familiar?) ON rock curls too much and bumps their guard. Sorry - I have lost this end in a war with Adobe FLASH. I am beginning to get Steve Jobs' point. It's a bunch of huddle rocks in the house. NS blast and the crowd goes 'Ahhh' but I do not know why. ON first skip rock picks one of there own out and rolls out. NS was either drawing or deliberately put another guard up. Given that ON just dew into the house I would guess thee former. NS draw. There is a measure. NS get 3. (One lives and dies by the sword of successive freezing.)
3-2 NS.

BC get 1 so so it is 5-1 AB.
SK steal 2 more so it's 5-2 SK. Maybe QC is not so real after all.
NL blank so it is still 2-2.

END #6: NS to thee front of the button . ON guard to one side. NS put a rock in front of their first. ON hit moving one out the side to the eight and one to the back as a biter. NS hit and roll over beside the rock in the eight foot. ON come around the guard onto the T-line. NS peel the guard and replace the rock in the eight foot with one just back of the button. ON replace the guard. NS move the guard a bit roll into the house. ON enter the pocket around the button, sitting in front of it. NS clear the guarded ON rock (the guard moved) and roll over and jumble up the rocks in the house. They have five, ON one now. ON put one in another pocket. NS pop out the ON rock near the button, the pocket it had having been jumbled. ON clear a NS rock near the button and roll into a pocket. NS put a rock in the four foot. ON pop it out for three. Those who live by many rocks in the house can die by them too.
5-3 ON

Alberta have won 8-2.

END #7: ON to the button. NS corner guard. ON put rock in front of their first. NS bumps rather than freezes and goes to the back as a biter. ON clear the guard. NS freeze. ON pick it out and roll out. NS bump thee front ON rock back and stay. ON pick and roll out. NS roll in front of one of the ON rocks and Hart gets rid of both and the shooter. NS parks in front of the last ON rock and stays, removing its own rock too. NS hits and rolls out. ON tap the biter and stay. NS blank.

QC have got one. SK 5-3. And just stole one. 5-4
NO got one so it is 3-2 for NO.
Then NL takes one for 3-3.

END #8: ON to the four-foot in front of the button. NS corner guard. ON to the top of the twelve-foot, a little offset from their rock. NS bump the front Ontario rock and roll in the twelve-foot ahead of the four-foot ON rock. ON peel, but do to quite roll out but are well over. NS put a rock in front of the other ON rock. ON peel that one. This has an awfully familiar feel. NS replace their last one. ON peel it. NS come around the two rocks near the centre. ON peel the front one. NS is thinking a lot about this one. NS freeze attempt turns into bump, moving the Ontario rock to the back of the eight foot. ON move that NS rock over and eject the one touching the button. ON now have rocks on each side of the house, not doublable and NS have one beside an ON rock. NS freeze to the one with a NS neighbor. Howardknows what he wants to do. And it is perfect, ejecting all NS rocks in the house and leaving his two in place. NS draw for their one.
5-4 ON

NO take one in 8 4-3 NO. This is getting ridiculous!
SK get two in eight and lead 7-4 over QC.

END #9: NS rock to just in front of the twelve foot center. Ontario come around but behind the T. NS guard their front rock. ON come around again and sit in front of their own rock. NS follow nicely and are buried. ON peel the guard. NS replace it. ON peel. NS replace. ON remove both front rocks and roll to the side. NS put up a guard. ON freeze to a rock but I cannot tell what color. NS are thinking again and they are down to ten minutes time left. Hey wait ther's an ON rock I don't recognize. They must have put up a guard. That's what watching the timeclocks does to the quality of blogging. ON has 15 minutes but Howard looks a little rushed. He makes a wonderful shot through a port to punch away a NS rock. NS is thinking again. I cannot tell what is in the house but maybe having a tenth end matters more than having a lot of time for it. The NS rock went around the outside guard but seemed to go pretty deep. Howard follows and some people cheer. 2 for Ontario.
7-4 Ontario.

Meanwhile :
QC get 2 so trail 7-6 going into 10.
NL get 2 so lead 5-4 going into 10.

END #10: ON throw their rock through the house. NS corner guard. ON threw the house again. NS corner to the other side. ON peel the first guard. NS replace it. ON peel it. NS replace it. ON peel it. NS come around the remaining guard. ON peel that guard. NS put a stone on the other side of the house. ON remove the first one and stay. NS try to freeze to it but bump. ON remove the other NS rock in the house. Handshakes.

In other action (and it is!):

Quebec has shot rock behind a line of rocks and need a steal.
NO just gave itself shot with a tapback. There is some cover and backing. SK pop out one fo QC's counters but QC are still shot.
QC steal.
NL try to pop Jacobs' rock out but put it right on the button.
NO nestle a rock next to their shot. NL guard. NO wreck on the guard.
Gushue puts a rock near the button for second but NO is still shot.
NO wreck on a guard. NO steal. Extra ends in both.

Saaskatchewan and Newfoundland and Labrador win and remain undefeated.



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