Sunday, February 27, 2011

2011 Scotties Final: Team Canada vs. Saskatchewan: First half

After Alan did so much, presenting ongoing updates and analyses throughout the week, I'll be starting for the final and he'll contribute when he is able.

This should be a good game and a close game. The teams finished at the top after the round robin, and the teams finished 1-2 in curling percentages.

End #1 [Doc]
No messing around, getting a feel for the ice. Both skips put rocks in play. Halfway through, SK has two rocks in the 12' plus one in the 4', and Team Canada [TC] removed the 4' rock and rolled to the button. SK hit and rolled a bit, but then Lawes (vice, TC) hit and rolled behind a TC guard to put some pressure on SK. Kim Schneider (vice, SK) froze to that rock. Lawes tried to follow her down, but rubbed on the guard and is sitting wide open in the 4'. For Holland's first shot, if she doubles off the reds, she'll be sitting 3; nope, overcurled just a bit for a nose hit. Now with her first rock, Jones has a chance for a thin double. She removed one and pushed the other far enough back to be 1st and 2nd shot. Holland tries a freeze/draw but bounces out in the open, leaving Jones a hit for three.
Can 3, SK 0

End #2 [Doc]
I have to agree with Alan about wanting to see the first rocks. I like the current Capital One Aspire ads, but I'd rather see the curling.

I see from the comments that Alan thinks it's over already. hmmm.

As the play unfolds, TC has a bunch of rocks lined up near the centre line, and Tammy Schneider (2nd for SK) wasn't able to remove but one of them. Lawes hit and rolled, but not behind a guard, to sit 3. Kim Schneider curled a very nice, soft-touch double. Lawes hits and rolls the other way. KSchneider splits one of the guards onto the rings to sit 2.

Jones removes one of the SK rocks but also removes a TC rock from the back of the rings. Holland draws in, but is a foot too deep, leaving a nasty possible hit and roll for Jones, but she rolls out of the rings. Holland has a draw to the 8' for two.
Can 3, SK 2
AAA: Hey maybe it is not over!

End #3 [Doc]
How many of you find yourselves reminiscing about Flower Power and The Turtles? I do every time they show that M&M ad.

Great discussions by Linda and Russ! and indeed the split by KSchneider was a terrific shot for SK. Jones opens with a shot to the button, SK with a centre guard, then SK freezes to the TC rock on the button, then TC bumps it a bit. Three rocks in the rings, all with slight separation. TSchneider hits and rolls to the 12' to remove one TC rock. Jill Officer (TC second) tries to freeze but bumps a bit. Nice hit and flop by TSchneider, freezing her shot to another SK rock in the top 4'. Office blasts down the ice but wrecks on the centre guard. Kim Schneider does a nice bump of her own that then removes the only remaining TC rock, leaving SK sitting 3. Lawes tries a double or triple but has only a nose hit. KSchneider removes that TC rock, but rolls over in front of some of her own, leaving a double for Lawes, but she removes only one, and pushes the others a bit. TC is shot rock, but Holland can hit and roll to the other side of the rings and likely force TC to take only one.

Well, she rolls away a bit.... enough that Jones opts to attempt to remove only that one rock and maybe roll behind the other SK rocks, but she rolls the other way. A hit and stick by Holland would force Jones to go for only one, she doesn't stick, but she stays in the rings. Jones draws for one.
Can 4, SK 2
AAA - this is getting interesting. I wanted just to go watch the Oscars!

End #4 [Doc]
Wow! after three ends, SK is out-curling TC 90% - 77%. That one big end was all TC has done to dominate so far.
TC starts this end with a rock in the four-foot and a centre guard from Askin. SK replies with a corner guard but then they go around the TC centre guard. More guards and peel attempts.
My goodness! TSchneider removes a centre guard, and in the process bumps up a SK rock to the button and it curled behind the TC guards. Pretty shot, but TC still has two rocks in the rings and is in good shape to force SK to take one. So Jones puts up another centre guard, and KSchneider removes it and pushes another guard to the side. Lawes draws up to the SK shot rock. Holland asks KSchneider to attempt a raise double, but she misses big. Jones puts up another guard. As the end draws to a close, it looks as if Holland will be lucky to score one. She puts up a long guard to block a double raise takeout, but that leaves a corner in-off. I got the impression from the look on Holland's face that she might not have seen the in-off possibility, but that sure is hard to imagine. Jones raises the corner stone, but with not enough oomph, leaving SK sitting one. Holland throws hers through on the side, happy to take one.
Can 4, SK 3

End #5 [Doc]
SK begins with a centre guard followed by a come-around; TC begins with a rock in the top 4' but Askin [lead, TC] comes up just short of the rings with her second shot. Officer does a nice job of removing a centre guard AND a SK rock in the rings. With her first rock, KSchneider removes one TC stone and pushes the other to the back of the rings; Lawes for TC misses her attempt at a double, removing only one SK rock and flopping to the side. KSchneider hits that rock, but rolls out of the rings, a disappointing shot. So Lawes has an easy hit and stick to lie 2. Holland hits and sticks. Jones hits and sticks. Holland hit but jammed the TC rock on the back one, leaving an open draw for two for Jones.
Can 6, SK 3
AAA: I am pretty sure I am off to red carpet and awards. And it is funny, I have never remotely liked Jones and her team but they sure deserve respect!



At 2/27/2011 6:57 p.m., Blogger Alan Adamson said...

Well at least now this seems to me to be over. I ain some ways really cannot stand Jones but she is SO good.


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