Saturday, February 26, 2011

Variance, Schmariance

To see if my off-handed impression was correct, namely that Saskatchewan had a more variable performance in the round robin than did Team Canada, I entered the team percentage score for each draw into a spreadsheet. Unfortunately, when I try to copy the spreadsheet into Blogger, I lose the formatting.

But here are the results:

Variance Team Canada: 34.854
Variance Saskatchewan: 27.273

The range in performances was from 75 to 89 for Saskatchewan and from 75 to 93 for Team Canada.

It looks as if what I saw as team variance was just a lot more scores in the 70s for Saskatchewan.

And maybe there was more variance in the individual performances on Saskatchewan and that's what stuck in my mind. But I'll leave it to someone else to collect the data and do the stats for that possible hypothesis. The stats are available here.

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