Friday, February 25, 2011

Team Canada Wins the Page 1-2 Playoff against Saskatchewan,
but it took them an extra end to do it

Team Canada and Saskatchewan both scored each time they had the hammer in the first half of tonight's game, but Saskatchewan deuced twice and led after five ends 5-2. But then in the second half, Jones's Team Canada scored two in the 6th end with the hammer, stole two in the 7th, and scored 3 in the 9th to go into the final end with a 9-7 lead.

During the first half, the score reflected the curling percentages as Holland's Saskatchewan rink out-curled and out-scored Team Canada. And then the roles were reversed in the second half, with Team Canada out-curling and out-scoring Saskatchewan.

But in the 8th and 10th ends, Saskatchewan scored two, and with their deuce in the 10th end, they tied the match, forcing an eleventh end. It came down to skips' stones, and Amber Holland (who struggled reading the ice, along with her vice, Kim Schneider) underthrew both her shots just a tad, and Jennifer Jones didn't have to throw her last rock to win.

As a result of today's play, Ontario plays Nova Scotia in tomorrow morning's game, and the winner of that one faces Saskatchewan in the afternoon. I'll be traveling during some of the games, but I'm looking forward to watching as much of them as I can.



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