Thursday, February 24, 2011

Scotties Draw 17

Two matches matter for what follows. TSN is featuring Canada-Alberta, both looking for playoff spots, and also playing is Saskatchewan-British Columbia, where BC is fighting to stay alive. Saskatchewan is in the Page 1-2 playoff whatever. Oh and Ontario can do well by beating Quebec so this is a highly relevant evening.

Team Canada take two in the first end. In the second, Kleibrink, drawing, comes up way short and allows a steal of two.

I will check back in on occasion but this seems over.

After three ends it is Canada 5-0. Oh dear.

In four, Kleibrink gets two. So I will not quit watching.

Wow - Saskatchewan is up 5-1 over BC. We may well not see Kelly Scott later this week. Meanwhile, Ontario and Quebec are quibbling. 2-1 QC.

Hmm. Maybe I am utterly wrong. At the last shot of the fifth end Jones faces finve Alberta counters. Her brilliant runback lets her team take one.

Sorry I am fading away to sleep. We would be lucky if Doc can at aleast summarize at the ehd or the day/



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