Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Rest of Today's Games

Amber Holland and her Saskatchewan rink remain undefeated at the 2011 Scott Tournament of Hearts, soundly (and not unexpectedly) defeating NFL in draw 12. As Alan said, Team Canada dominated Ontario in their game, with Jennifer Jones curling 90% and again Rachel Homan curling only 68%. But the win by Team Canada seemed to involve more than just curling percentages; they just seemed in control of the game almost the entire time.

This afternoon TSNs feature game will be between undefeated Saskatchewan and 4-3 Nova Scotia, skipped by Heather Smith-Dacey, currently in 5th place but looking a bit stronger than a fifth position might otherwise indicate.

This evening will be the match between Team Canada and Manitoba. I will not be watching this game. I don't know why, but I think it will just be the media hype that turns me off. I'll read the summaries and look at the scores on Curlcast now and then, maybe, but I cannot stomach all the attempts to pump up the nature of the controversy (about which I've already written too much, probably).


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