Saturday, February 19, 2011

Slightly Short is a Great Miss

We are quoting Russ Howard in the fifth end of the first draw at the Scotties, New Brunswick versus Prince Edward Island.
I love both rinks. The first time I decided to watch a Scotties draw Gaudet was the star of the morning. The first Scotties I covered as media was Andrea Kelly's first year there and both are fearless.
PEI went up 3-0 in the first end and my attention wandered (there was the simultaneous problem of Milos Raonic trying to make the final at an ATP tournament). I actually quit but now to my amazement Kelly leads by two after five ends, having stolen two in the fifth end.

UPDATE #1: Not surprisingly, New Brunswick has less of an interest in complicated houses. In the sixth end GaudetBirt misses badly on an attempt to take one, giving New Brunswick a steal of two, so it is 8-4.

I am likely not to report further on this match.

UPDATE #2: I did go back to watch and saw mostly misses by both teams in the sixth end. It is now 8-6 New Brunswick but this is not a pretty story for either of those teams.

UPDATE #3: Well, New Brunswick gets a a win but it was sure not a tribute to either team. Let's hope we see more auspicious pplay tonight.



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