Tuesday, February 08, 2011

But the Curling I REALLY Wish Were Being Televised....

is the Alberta provincial championships, beginning tomorrow. Wow! Look at the talent that must fight it out there:
  • Kevin Koe, last year's champion
  • Kevin Martin, last year's Olympic gold medalist
  • Randy Ferbey, past champion (who also curls with Brad Gushue in other events)
  • Don Walchuk (with Don Bartlett at lead), both well-known and well-regarded curlers.
Those are just four of the teams that will be vying for the championship and the right to go to The Brier in March.

The tournament is an elimination-style tournament, which is quite different from those we see in most other provincial championships. For details, see this.

Geez, if someone knows how to watch this over the internet, please, please let us know!



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