Sunday, February 13, 2011

Ontario Playdown Final - Scores

Rogers and Cogeco have been kind.

End #1
: With Balsdon's rink missing a couple of shots, Howard scores 3, having had 3 scorers from about the middle of the end.

3-0 Howard
(Meanwhile we find out it is Martin vs. Koe to get out of Alberta. Surprise!)

END #2: Balsdon misses a freeze to one of two unguarded Howard rocks in the house. Hart clears it. A second try also bounces off, with some hope of a Howard jam. No such luck, as that rock gets picked. Next Balsdon rock removes one of the Howard rocks and rolls beside the other. Howard nose-hits it, leaving Balsdon the choice between a double to blank (somewhat risky) and the draw; he chooses the latter.

3-1 Howard

END #3
: After letting the house get a bit scary, Balsdon gets a nice clean-up shot to lie three. (I notice the Cogeco announcers seem to get very confused remarkably often about who has the hammer.) After an exchange of hits, Hart misses a double attempt (gets one though). Sorry, lost my attention. Howard is forced to draw for 1.

4-1 Howard

END #4: Balsdon moving from centre guards to corner guards (sort of). Guards up on each side, Howard with a rock behind one and anotnher on the button. Howard doubles away the guards, and clears the shooter. Balsdon comes around the Howard rock in the front 12-foot. Howard hits his rock and clears the Balsdon rock. Balsdon's freeze attempt slides by the rock on the button. Hart clears it away (a VERY good touch shot). Balsdon is now looking at four Howard rocks. Another freeze attempt misses. Hart misses an attempt to remove the Balsdon rock, moves his own off the button. Balsdon hits and sticks to one Howard rock. Howard now looks at doubling. gets one. Balsdon's remaining rock is shot. Balsdon tries to come around the Howard rock out front and does not curl enough. Howard looks at another double. And makes it! Balsdon draws for his one.

4-2 Howard

END #5
: (Marilyn Bodogh seems to think half of ten is four.) Balsdon back to a centre guard, Howard goes in behind it, and Balsdon goes in almost behind Howard (Howard rock is in the front 8-foot, Balsdon's back four). Howard misses an attempt to remove it, and buries Balsdon's rock in the back eight-foot. I note Howard appears still to be fighting a cold. Balsdon now comes into the front 12-foot behind the front guard. Howard peels the front guard. Balsdon replaces, Howard peels. Another guard. Howard deviates now, and Hart puts a beautiful shot on the button, just missing both the Balsdon rocks out front. Balsdon puts a rock in the front eight, just in front of (offset) Howard's front rock. Hart punches it out and rolls over to a nose freeze in front of that Howard rock. Balsdon puts another rock beside the one he has in the front twelve. Howard puts another rock in the four-foot, now counting three. Balsdon decides on a high-risk attempt at a triple (well at least getting them out of the middle), and asks "Can you throw for me?" He does move them to where they are biting the eight-foot. If Howard can remove Balsdon's rock in the eight, now counting third (though Howard thinks maybe fourth), he could score five. He would rather just add another rock to the mix and let the counting start. At least three. Looks like three to me. Out comes the measuring device. A four goes up

8-2 Howard

You can assume I won't be back barring some amazing events.

OK back just to report that they shook hands at the end of eight ends (I believe as early as possible), which made Marilyn Bodogh's comment at the end of the fourth end that we were at the halfway point correct. Rather than being worthy of my snark above, she deserves praise for prognostication.



At 2/13/2011 3:57 p.m., Blogger Otis said...

Thanks Alan. Curling needs to grow up and provide this kind of service to its long-suffering fans.

At 2/13/2011 4:49 p.m., Blogger EclectEcon said...

Very amusing comments about Marilyn Bodogh's remarks!


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