Saturday, February 12, 2011

Ontario Tankard Update

I actually watched bits of the Howard-Epping match finishing the round-robin last night, and, yes, even on tape delay.
It was quite interesting; I watched the seventh end, where Epping's rink, ahead by one, stole one, with what seemed to me eight perfect shots. I think the Howard rink missed one shot.
I came back for the tenth end, with the score at 5-5 and Epping with the hammer. Epping's rink had an early pick, but the Howard rink really did not take as much advantage as I would have expected. Howard could have had a steal but his last rock was a little heavy; Epping's final rock then seemed a bit heavy and not to be curling but finally became shot by a small margin, giving Epping's rink the win.
As a result Howard and Corner finished the round-robin at 8-2, and Balsdon and Epping at 7-3. This is rather a different profile from what I recall in plast Tankards, where the Howard rink has dominated more, a point Paul Savage particularly made on Cogeco TV at the end of the match.
So Howard and Corner meet in the first Page this afternoon, and Balsdon and Epping in the second this evening. It appears that London's local Rogers station will broadcast both matches live!
I plan to be there!



At 2/12/2011 1:39 p.m., Blogger tjenkinson said...

I couldn't agree more that the coverage of the Ontario Tankard has been a disaster. It lists as being televised and instead there's a repeat of some localized cooking show? The sound is atrocious, you can't hear the players, and the video quality is worse than my child's toy video camera. The demand is clearly there for a better broadcast, so why is it that I can watch other provinces playdowns and not my own, especially when Midland's own curling legend, Glen Howard is playing!


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