Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ontario-Canada in Draw 12

That is sensibly the featured match on TSN (between the second and third place teams) and it sure has been chippy so far, with a lot of small misses from both teams.
Ontario has a lead of 3-2 at the five-end break, thanks to a steal in the fifth.
Homan, curling at 65%, is clearly making a few errors, and Miskew has a low percentage; Jones' percentage is good but she is making small misses, and her third is leaving her challenging shots so far.

In six, Ontario leaves Canada a draw basically to the house for two. This, after Jill Offcier removed a pile of Ontario rocks from play with her two shots. Jones makes the shot.

In seven, rather than take her one, Homan tries what looks insane to me. Fortunately for her she misdirects her guard. 4-4. (Along the way, Kreviazuk emulated Jill Officer by getting rid of a swarm of Canada rocks; unfortunately for Ontario, they sprouted up again as the end proceeded.)

Meanwhile Saskatchewan win over Newfoundland-Labrador and guarantee themselves a playoff position.

In eight, Ontario misses allow Canada to fill the house and take over the control zone stone by stone. All Homan has left on her last stone (having cleaned up a bit on her first) is more cleanup, which does not go as planned and she leaves Jones a draw to the house for three. Which she of course makes.

I suspect the way Canada has played the last few ends, my attention will drift, as I have a teleconference call I must alos follow.

Assume Canada have pulled up into a second-place tie with Ontario unless otherwise informed.



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