Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Scotties Draw 13 - Saskatchewan - Nova Scotia

Again I will be here only glancingly, but you will get results faster it seems than on CurlCast for the few you get!
I note that Doc has a request to TSN, with which I concur. However, I have to confess, that the reason I agree is I want to know each time I return to TSN from some other station the number of rocks available to each team. Now the reason I want this is so that I can go watch something else most of the time (like a crime show) and return opportunistically to TSN and see exactly the state of the match. People who are watching steadily, or at least those with a pretty good memory (and perhaps Doc and I are both past that a bit) have no need of the rock count. Still, I agree, TSN, please keep that rock count up on screen! (Though I know this is more in my interests than that of your advertisers.)
As for the score, after five Nova Scotia are up 4-3 after forcing Saskatchewan to take one in the fifth.
I will be back.

UPDATE: Nova Scotia blank six.

Meanwhile Ontario draw for a single but trail Manitoba 6-4 after six and are clearly continuing to struggle.

The seventh end is almost impossible to describe - I am glad I did not commit myself to it, but with the last couple of shots left we have the wildest conga line of rocks in front of the button. Who knows what will happen? Well, and now one back of the button - Nova Scotia gave Saskatchewan an opportunity. And they sort of take it, an attempt to stifle Smith. After her first shot she has a house full of her rocks but shot is Holland. Holland's last rock leaves Saskatchewan counting one, with a geometry that seems crazy to me. Wonderfully it seems the best Smith-Dacey has is getting one. Russ Howard comments that knowing Mark Dacey (team coach), he is not going for one. I think looking at it the angles are really awful. Holland has created a wonderful problem. Smith-Dacey take one, which seems lucky, but clearly is also a measure of the Saskatchewan rink's skills.

I was worrying about personal stuff and so am now back to an eighth end that is just too hard to describe. Suffice it to say this has NOT been an open end. Nova Scotia seems to have two counting stones in a mess of a house and playing field of guards. Smith-Dacey goes too deep into likely irrelevance. Holland tried for a draw and gives up a steal of two to Nova Scotia! Yikes!

Of course the Saskatchewan motivation is deeply reduced at this point.

Meanwhile Ontario loses, to Manitoba of all teams in this championship!

Saskatchewan take one in nine.

Seems Saskatchewan has quit, as TSN is on another match. I was off working on expedia.

TSN is now on the Alberta - New Brunswick match. It was pretty exciting until New Brunswick missed their survival shot and lost to Alberta.



At 2/23/2011 3:19 p.m., Blogger EclectEcon said...

Like you, I often do other things during the matches. But I keep the curling on in the background. This lack of concentration means that I often lose track of which team has thrown how many rocks, as in, "Is this her first or second rock?"

At 2/23/2011 3:38 p.m., Blogger Alan Adamson said...

So indeed you and I are TSN's advertisers' bane.


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