Sunday, February 27, 2011

Scotties Bronze Medal Match

No commitment from me but here at least let me start.

END #1: Looks like an open first endd is in the cards. NS whiff on a takeout and Ontario with the hammer start to work on the deuce. Ontario go right through the house. We are back to dueling nosehits. Oooppsss! Ontario go for a freeze attempt. A little bump. NS pick the Ontario rock perfectly, leaving their own. Back to nosehits. Ontario blanks.

END #2: TSN is back into bad habits, rejoining the match after a couple of early rocks. But then who is likely to be watching? NS put up a center guard and come around, with Ontario behind them and now angle-frozen. So NS freezes back. Conga line is forming! "That's a great miss" - Ontario wreck on the guard, slide in, and open the center. NS remove the Ontario rock that slid in. Ontario clean up the house, leaving themselves shot behind a degree of cover. "I like it if you make it", says Smith (? - not sure). Risky NS shot works - really fine. Miskew gets shot back but slightly exposed. NS go for another runback - just excellent though the shooter is lost. NS sit one. Ontario freeze bumps too much. Smith removes it and rolls behind a corner guard. Sorry - mind wandered - I got hungry. Homan must draw against three - well, or hit for one.
1-0 Ont

END #3: Back at it again. I think returning to the next end when it is underway is disrespectful to the viewers. TSN evidently disagrees. I have started mostly watching golf so expect far lower quality, and to be honest, if TSN cannot be bothered to shoew us all the play, I have my problems. Returning now, it is a pretty wild house as Ontario angle freeze onto a NS rock behind the button. There is a lot of cover and a lot of backing. NS do not quite freeze to the angle freezer. Homan taps it back and there is a cluster around the button. Smith wrecks on a guard and the complexity is getting crazier. Homan has a debate with her team - she chooses the higher risk and seems to sit three. Dacey is out to 'intervene'. He wants violence ('pounding that rock'); the plan is to give up a steal of one. She is too thin - Ontario steal 2.
3-0 Ont

END #4: Late in the end Miskew makes a really bad miss and NS can put three counters into the house. And they do, with two slightly covered. Homan removess one, missing her double hope. Smith replaces it. Homan removes it but leaves Smith a pretty open hit for four. The shooter rolls away and they take three.

END #5: Homan wrecks on a guard and gives up a steal of one.
4-5 NS

END #6: Ontario miss and take one.

END #7: NS get a draw to the four-foot for two. And make it.
6-4 NS

END #8: Homan saves her one.
6-5 NS

(You may have noticed my attention has drifted. The bronze medal match here is a bit like the proverbial kissing of the sister.)

END #9: NS can hit for six! They hit for three.
9-5 NS

I will leave the tenth end to anyone else who might want to stride in.

I am not sure this will encourage further bronze medal games.



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