Sunday, February 27, 2011

Who Scheduled The Scotties Final?

Personally I would have been happier with the bronze medal match in the morning and the final in the afternoon (Eastern time). As it stands, this evening's match runs against the Oscars, and this has to REALLY hit the audience numbers, general interest, and the advertising revenue for TSN.
One might argue that we are talking about different audiences but I do not believe that for a second, planted firmly in both potential audiences. I am an enthusiastic curling spectator, and doubt I will watch much of the final except before the Oscars start and during ads in that show.
Hence, I may not be live-blogging.
As for this afternoon, I am in front of the screen, but Martin Kaymer is working his way to #1 in the golf world, and that may attract more than a bronze medal match. I do not think I have ever watched a curling bronze medal match at the Scotties. Has it been possible? (A casual inspection of the 2008 draw schedule shows no such match.) OTOH, in support of watching is that I really liked both these teams this week.



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