Sunday, February 27, 2011

Big Comeback by Saskatchewan to Win the 2011 Scott Tournament of Hearts

As everyone expected, the final was a close one. But Team Canada jumped off to a big lead, scoring three in the first end and led 6-3 after five ends, and Saskatchewan was in trouble for the rest of the first half. Then Saskatchewan scored three themselves in the 6th end to tie the game. Team Canada still had the advantage, having the hammer, but then Saskatchewan stole one in the tenth end to win the tournament.

I'm not sure how well they'll do in the worlds, but they've shown some pretty impressive ability for the past two years, and I expect they'll do quite well.

Side note: in the end the curling percentages were 84% for SK and only 74% for TC. All four Saskatchewan curlers curled over 80% but only Lawes curled over 80% for TC, with the front end curling in the 70s and skip Jennifer Jones curling only 68%.



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