Saturday, March 05, 2011

Draw #1: Second half

All the other matches are well into END #6.

END #6: NB center guard. Ontario comes around behind it in the four-foot. NB's missed freeze is open on the button. Ontario hit and stick. NB hit and roll into the open. Laing hits and rolls to the center. NB hit and stay. Howard asks for a hit and roll behind cover. He getss a hit and stick, now having worked its way out to the twelfe-foot. NB wreck ono their guard. Hart hits and moves one of the Ontario rocks. NB get a double, and stick. Ontario hit and stick. Grattan tries to hit and roll behind the guard wrecked on earlier and now a corner guard. Does not appear to roll far enough. Ontario rock hits and rolls towards the other one, leaving a double, gratefully taken by Grattan. Howard blanks. Still 2-2.
Saskatchewan get one in six to lead 4-3, NL to lead 10-1 and MB take 4 to lead 10-3.

END #7: NB go to the button. Ontario corner guard snug to the house. NB go to the house again; Ontario hit and roll almost to get backing from the rock on the button. NB pick it, losing the shooter. Laing angle-freezes to the NB Rock andNB double them out, and sticking. Another freeze attempt but removable. And removed, the shooter rolling the twelve-foot. Hart doubles the two rocks out and stays.
Meanwhile PEI shake hands. Recorded score is 12-1. NB hit and stick. Ontario hit and roll into the house. Howard blanks. BC shake hands - final score 10-4.

The prime minister is not getting peace but he appears not to really want it, as he has with him a photographer who is taking pictures for the crowd members and some other assistant who appears to arranging how to get the pictures to the indviduals. He may well like curling but I suspect he also likes the idea of winning the local ridings. And actually the crowd is not that loca; it is clear there are people her from all over the country.

END #8: That seemed a long break but TSN was not running ads. Hmmm.
NB to the button but long and into the twelfe-foot. Ontario corner guard on the other side. NB go to centerline front twelve-foot. Ontario hit and roll behind NB peel. guard. NB peel the guard. Ontario replace the guard. NB peel. Ontario replace. NB peel. Hart outs a rock in the four-foot, mildly backed by the NB rock. NB remove the other Ontario rock and stick. Hart goes to the eight-foot about even with the Ontario rock on the other side of the house. NB hit that other one, removing it and the shooter. Ontario replace their lost rock. Ontario counts two with no double for NB. Grattan hits it but rolls away. Draw to the eight-foor for two for Howard. He makes it - 4-2. It has taken some effort to get this local crowd into the match.
After stealing one in the sixth and seventh ends SK force Y/NWT to take one in the eighth. 5-4 SK.

END #9: Savill goes to the button. Case (NB) puts a corner guardd close to the rings. Savill puts another rock in front of the first. Case taps the front Ontario rock and rolls to the guarde side but not far enough. Laing hits and sticks. NB double out the first two Ontario rocks and roll obeside the reemaining Ontario one. Ontario pop it roll away to the eddge of the button. The other Howard hits and sticks on the guarded side. Hart hits it and rolls over next to the rock near the button (very near), and NB double them out and roll to thee twelve-foot on the open side. Hart clears the house. Sullivan tries to come around the guard but does not. Howard almost makes it around but rubs at the end and rolls open in the twelve-foot. Grattan hits and sticks, in the house but open. Howard hits and rolls out. Grattan contemplates trying to split one of the front rocks into the house. He misses andwindsup taking one. 4-3 Ontario.
Meanwhile SK take one in nine to lead by 6-4.

END #10: NB long cenete guard. Savill picks it. NB replace it, a little closer. Savill picks it into the twele-foot in front of the T-line. NB go centerline right in front of the house. Laing just misses the double as he peels; NB rock stilll in the twelve-foot. Another NB center guard! Laing peels it and moves the twelve-foot rock, losing the shooter. Now a center guard beside a rock of Ontario, whose provenance I cannot recall. Ontario remove both and lose the shooter. Another center guard; Grattan knows he has to keep Howard out ofthe house. Hart peels, finally removing the twelve-foot rock in a jam. So NB have a rock in the eight foot, open. Another center guard. Howard's peel jams, giving him a laugh, and leaves his shooter out front. NB put another rock in the house. Hart is sweeping! He draws, really needing only the eight-foot, and he had backing, and comes up short. NB win.

Y/NWT are on their skip rocks - well, fourth rocks as Simmons shoots fourth, and he just cleaned a pile of Y/NT rocks in the house. Y/NT respond and lie one; I cannot tell how hard the port is. SK find it and we have handshakes.

I am exhausted. The crowd has been VERY raucous.



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