Monday, March 07, 2011

Draw 6

Only two matches in this draw - TSN is featuring Saskatchewan-Newfoundland and Labrador so I'll pay more attention here to Ontario - BC.

Sparse attendance, naturally enough on a weekday, nay Monday, morning, and I see the practice we noted at the Scott of filling upper sections with schoolkids is being repeated. Again it appears they are assigned teams to support, and they CAN make a lot of noise.

END #1: I note that I don't have TSN's clout so BC and Ontario started without me, BC with the hammer. A duel of attempts to hit and roll behind an Ontario guard is ongoing, with Hart finally getting some cover. Maskiewich finds it and punches it out, losing the shooter. On the opposite side of the house theree is an Ontario riock in the twelve foot T-line with a BC biter beside it. Howard's draw does not get cover but at least is in the house. Cotter hits and stays. Howard hits and stays. Cotter draws for one.
1-0 BC.
Meanwhile Gushue with the hammer faces a BC biter and a bunch of guard rocks on the opposite side. Simmons put a rock on the front eight-foot, open. Gushue takes hi one.
1-0 NL

END #2: BC to the button, ON corner guard, BC a rock in front of its own. On hit, removing the back one and moving the other to the unguarded eight-foot. BC hit and stay. ON hit that and stay; BC hit and roll behind the guard in the front twelve-foot. ON hit the uncovered BC rock and stay. BC hit that and stay. Then I missed the ON shot - oh I see two shots reverse themseelvves. Now ON go behidn the guarded rock but a bit open. BC put another rock in front of that in the front 12-foot. ON hit the open rock and roll into the cover, but a bit open and backed by their own previous rock. Rather than the desired double, BC tick the Ontario rock and eject their back rock leaving Ontario counting two and only a draw to the twelve-foot needed for three. And three it is
3-1 ON.
SK 2-1.

END #3: ON to the house - front twelve. BC close corner guard, other side. ON gard their stone. BC come around it. ON hit and roll into the open. Sorry my mind was taken away. Two ON guards straddling the centre. Nothing in the house. SK puts last third rock behind one of them. ON freezes to it. BC try to get behind the other guard. Looks open but it is hard to tell. ON hit and stay. BC last rock hit and stay for one.
3-2 ON
4-2 NL in the other match.

END #4: BC close center guard. ON come around back 8 and open. BC come around to the four-foot partly covered. ON freeze bumps a foot or so. BC freeze to it. ON miss pop their own frontrock out. BC put a rock into the front twelve-foot. Again, distracted. after an exchange of freezes and picks ON get one.
4-2 ON
SK get one. 4-3 NL

END #4: ON to button BC corner guard, ON in front of preevious rock, but offset, BC hit, removing on ON rock and pushing the otehr back to the twelve-foot and stay.
ON try to come around but do not. BC hit and roll slightly behind their guard but pretty open, but also backed by the ON rock. ON peel the guard. BC replace it. ON double it and the other BC rock and roll to the center 12-foot. BC freeze to the ON rock in rhw back. ON remove it and their own. BC hit the ON rock out and stay. ON hit that out and roll to the T-line as a biter. BC hit and stay. ON hit and stay.
BC blanks.
4-2 ON

END #5: Just caught another task to occupy me. NL went to the break leading 6-3 over SK. ON went leading 4-2.

END #6: Once again a succession of freezes leads BC's last rock in this end, which is unlikely to be blanked. BC find the angle and get their two to tie the game up 4-4.
SK score one as a draw attempt goes a bit too far. 6-4 NL.

END #7: BC into the house, ON corner guard. BC rock in front of the previous one. ON hit the front rock and roll out. BC clear the guard. ON hit and stick. BC hit and stick. ON hit and roll to the T-line as a biter. BC hits and rolls out.
ON to the button. BC hit and stay. ON hit and stay. BC hit and stay. ON hit and stay. BC hit and stay. ON blank take one. 5-4 ON.

NL get one, lead 7-3.

END #8: ON to the house (front four), BC corner guard. Maybe TSNN has a point in skipping the firt three shots. :-) ON center guard. BC come around their guard but lie open. ON hit and roll partly covered by their guard but angled against theirfirst rock. BC peel the ON guard. ON replace it with a better one. BC run it back but miss the ON rocks and stay as a guard. ON put up a center guard a little farther back. BC hit the angled ON rocks and wind up frozen in front of an Ontario rock near the button. (That is all that is in the house.) ON angle freeze to he BC rock and bump a little. BC hit that rock, removing the back one, and n ow we have two BC rocks straddling an ON rock.ON hit the front BC rock and roll behind the guards. BC tap the front ON rock and roll to the edge of the eight-foot on the T-line. ON bump their previously front rock up to the button. ON steal one, BC cannot break up the string of freezes. 6-4 ON.

Pat simmons makes nice shot to force Gushue to make a risky shot to blank, which he does.
NL 7-4

END #9: ON to the button. BC corner guard. ON in to the house but beside, not in front of, the first rock. BC go in bbehind the guard. ON peel the guard. BC replace it. ON peel. BC replace the guard. ON hit the BC rock in the house and stay. BC freeze to an open On rock with a bump. ON pick it. BC freeze to another ON rock. ON clear that rock and its backer, and roll outto the back of the hjouse. BC Hit and stay (now playing for the blank). ON hit and roll into the open. BC has to take one and do.
6-5 ON

SK take one; 7-5 NL.

END #10: BC center guard. ON fail at a tick. BC come around to make another guard. ON tick the short guard and roll to the twelve-foot, making the BC guard a short guard. BC replace the short guard. ON peel the long guard. BC suffer a hog-line violation on a guard attempt. Ouch. ON clear away everythign except the short corner guard. BC hit their own guard, I think on a come-around attempt. Now ON clear the remaining two BC rocks, leaving one of their own as a possible short guard. BC come around it. Ontario raises its rock ont oit, clearing it; still a short corner guard and an ON rock in the four-foot. BC come up short of the house; I have to assume that was a freeze attempt. ON peels that and pushes the corner guard into irrelevance. BC do succeed with a nice angle freeze. ON pick and score one.
7-5 Ontario



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