Sunday, March 06, 2011

I Wonder Why

a) TSN run the Brier on a 7 second delay. At least that is what I am seeing today. I do not recall that when covering the Scott here. Though maybe I was less observant or am now just forgetful.

There is no delay on the TSN feed on display on the baby cubical jumbotron hanging above the sheets. I suppose that could be because if some streaker cane out on the ice it would be too late to help any of us in here anyway, while sensitive Canadians out there would be saved.

b) Curling has red rocks and red rings. I have noticed a few times to day that if I am not paying close attention and I look at the TV screen I fail to notice the occasional red rock in the four-foot. Maybe the rocks should be green.
I admit I do not notice it here on the real ice with real rocks, but TV alters things. So maybe TSN could use something like that NFL broadcasting technology that digitally paints a colored line on the field to mark the first down target. TSN could just make the broadcast rocks green.

c) This year's crowds seem to much more raucous and happy than I recall from the Scott. There are cowbells, car horns, all sorts of noisemakers including various uses of the human voice, though thankfully nobody thought of vuvuzuelasa.



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