Monday, March 07, 2011

Draw 7

I have Alberta versus PEI in front of me so I will focus on that, as it may be less work than some other choices.

END #1: AB short center guard.PE come around. Looks like AB angle-freeze. PE hit and bounce into the open. AB hit it and roll out. PE come around theg ards - get partiaal cover. AB toss another rock into the mix. So does PE. Hard to tell from here what the house looks like. All I see is a jumble of red and yellow. To which AB add. And PE. AB bust things up a bit. More rocks in the mixand I cannot see it all. AB's last rock is a guard, which no doubt says something. Audience reaction to the last PE rock is concerning. Yup. AB steal 2.
2-0 AB.

END #2. AB clong enter guard. PE come around wit ha short center guard. AB put a rock beside the PE rock. PE put one on the other side. AB hit that one and replace it. PE more or less the same. AB come around end up in the back of the eight-foot.PE come around into the front twelve-foot. AB JUST hit and remove the PE rock (definite near miss). PE aare heavy and end up in the back eight beside AB. AB come around perfectly to the front eight-foot. PE get that rock so I guess it was not perfect, In the house there are just the two rocks in the back eight-foot. And AB add one more tothat pair, the new one in the pocket created by the others. PE try to freeze but just widen the pocket. AB put one just behind the button, in front of that group. PE draw for one.
2-1 AB

END #3: PE short center guard. AB come around to front eight. PE hit and roll, removing the AB rock and lying open. AB hit and stick in the twelve-foot. PE Do much the same. Then AB. PE hit and roll almost behind cover. But only almost. AB hit and roll a bit better. PE hit and roll to the twelve-foot. AB go around the guard. Looks like front eight-foot. PE chip it out and it rolls over withthe other one. AB replace theirs. PE move the guard off to the side. AB put a rock over with the two PE rocks on the side. PE clear teh rock in the middle. AB draw for 2.
4-1 AB.

END #4: AB to front front eight-foot. PE corner guard. AB center guard. PE come around, bumping AB rock. AB short guard in front of their rock. Pe heavy - through house. AB angle freeze to their own rock. PE juggle things up - get rid of one AB rock and one guard. AB hit the PE rock, remove one of their own. PE remove another one, now have rocks in front and back twelve-foot, unfortunately lined up. And they are gone; after all this is Alberta. PE come around front AB rocks to rear twelve-foot, fairly covered. AB come around to the eight-foot, right behind his stones. PE come up short of the rings. AB come around that touching the four-foot. PE have to blast to get shot. ANd do not. Steal of one.
5-1 AB

END #5: I think the writing here is on the wall. UI will update if the unexpected might occur.



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