Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Draw 9, Tuesday Morning, Last Few Ends

End #8:

Standard opening with Man in the rings, and NT setting up centre-line guards. Carruthers (Man 2nd) makes a beauty double to remove the guards, and in the rings NT has shot rock on the side 8', Man barely 2nd shot in the top 8'.

On Sheet B, AB stole one on a tough draw for Adams against two. Tied at 6 after 7 ends.

More guard-peel action on Sheet A. Koe puts up an unintentionally-long guard that covers nothing. Stoughton picks the NT rock from the rings and lies two. Koe tries to draw around the shot rock to the button but rubs, leaving an open hit for three.
NT 3, Man 10 and handshakes.

On Sheet C, PEI is up 7-4 with the hammer over NB in the 9th end. They might actually win their first game of the tournament. And on Sheet D, Northern Ontario is still showing great promise, leading Quebec 7-3 in the 8th end.

Back to Sheet B (Alberta and Nova Scotia). Morris played a hit-and-roll but wasn't completely covered, and Flemming doubled off the AB stones, rolling to the edge of the 12'. Martin drew around the guards to lie one. Adams is a foot light and freezes to the AB rock. It might be hard for NS to score two (with the hammer) as a result. Indeed, Adams is forced to draw for one.
NS 7, AB 6

NO took one to lead Quebec 8-5 without the hammer in the 10th. NB stole one in the 9th, so PEI is up 7-5 with the hammer in the 10th. And in the 9th end, AB has a chance at a double to lie two in the 9th, but Martin missed the double and lies wide open 1-2. Beauty hit and roll by Adams, but Martin makes a really difficult double to score three!
NS 7, AB 9

PEI hits and sticks to defeat NB, and Northern Ontario defeats Quebec. So the only game still going is the TSN game between Alberta and Nova Scotia, which is in the last end.

Nova Scotia put up a good fight, but was run out of rocks by AB.

Exciting to be back at JLC for a Cdn championship, working with Alan.



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