Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Draw 12, Preliminaries

I'm in place in front of the Alberta-Saskatchewan match; also playing are BC-QC, NO-ON, And NS-NL. With three of the top four teams and Saskatcheman (5-2) in action, there is a lot at stake.

CBC Local Radio had nice feature that I heard this morning driving down to the Centre. There was an interview with two kids, evidently both from immigrant families, and until recently unaware of curling, whose first experience of the sport was at its highest level, watching yesterday morning's draw!

It seemed they had a good time; their teacher had spent some time preceding the experience teaching them about curling. He had managed to finagle the girls into class into coming by setting up a contest in which they chose the cutest curlers. It seemss the Nova Scotia team won hands down.

The young (Grade 8) girl, when asked if she would like to try playing, was quite enthusiastic, saying she really liked the idea of the position from which the stones are thrown. Hmmm.

My intention this morning is to give periodic score updates and mention any exceptional events.



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