Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Draw 10, Tuesday Afternoon, Late Ends

End #8:
SK looks a bit down after Simmons' missed draw. They start with a centre guard, and BC puts up a corner biter. SK draws around their guard perfectly to the top 4'. BC puts up a corner guard on the other side, and SK puts up another centre guard. BC peels both SK guards and rolls out their shooter. SK peels the BC biter and rolls to bite themselves. BC hits the SK rock at the top 4' but rolls out. Curling percentages must be dropping at this point... yup. Laycock tries to draw around the remaining BC guard but comes up short.

A couple of hit-and-roll attempts on the corner biter remain exposed. [and on Sheet B, Howard hits a backdoor double to score three --- hand shakes as ON leads 6-1 after 8 ends]. Cotter tries to raise the BC guard but leaves it open. Simmons hits but rolls a bit far to the back 8' and partly open. But SK has a biter at the top, too, so Cotter must try to draw for one, but comes up short. SK steals one.
SK 4, BC 3

End #9:
[Alberta stole one in the 8th to lead Quebec 7-4; and NS scored 3 in the 7th to lead NO 8-4].
Nuts. There's a TSN cameraman blocking my view of the rings. Don't count on much for this end. Whew! the camerman moved just as Simmons made his last shot, a freeze to a mess in the house. I can't tell for sure, but it looks as if SK is shot, and BC sure is taking a lot of time to discuss their last shot. Cotter draws for one.
SK 4, BC 4

End #10:
[Q scored one in the 9th and trails AB 7-5; NO concedes to NS 10-5]
Saskatchewan has the hammer coming home. Both teams are still curling over 80%, with only Laycock and Simmons in the 70s.

Long BC centre guard. SK moves it to the side. BC tries another centre guard, SK moves it, too and has a corner guard on the other side with their shooter.

BC puts up a third long centre guard. SK peels it. Another long BC centre guard barely clears the hog line; peeled by SK. A tight centre guard from BC, peeled by SK. repeat.
[and as expected, AB runs QC out of rocks to win 7-5].
Down to skips' stones.
Cotter draws around the corner guards. Simmons rubs on it and lies one. Cotter rubbed off the shot stone to the top 4'. Simmons must hit for the win. He does.
SK 5, BC 4



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