Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Draw 11, Tuesday Evening

So many folks from all over would like to watch the TSN feature game involving Ontario and Manitoba. I'm with them. But I'll try to keep an eye on the Saskatchewan- PEI game and mention it briefly. So blogging will be light at this point. Let's sit back and enjoy the curling.

While Ontario and Manitoba are blanking the first two ends (albeit with some great shots), Saskatchewan scored two in the first and forced PEI to draw to the 4' against two just to score one in the second end, so SK leads 2-1 after 2.

Finally in the 3rd end, there are tonnes of rocks in play and Ontario scores two after some fabulous shots from both teams. And on Sheet B, Simmons hit and stuck with his first rock, but MacKenzie (Skip, PEI) hit and rolled behind a guard. Simmons was light on his attempt to draw for one, so PEI stole one to tie the game.

In the 4th end, Stoughton missed a take-out attempt and then was light with a draw, so Ontario stole two to lead 4-0; In the SK-PEI game, even though the rocks are right in front of me, it's hard to see, but it looks as if Simmons is drawing for multiple points. Right: three, SK 5, PEI 2.

Stoughton blanked the 5th end (again after some good shots) in the Man-ON game, and it looked as if MacKenzie would get a blank of the 5th for PEI against SK, but a hit and stick, left some rocks in play. Simmons hit and rolled, leaving a double for MacKenzie, but he got only one; steal of one more for SK: SK 6, PEI 2.

I'm pretty tired. I have a long drive home and day-job work tomorrow, so I'm leaving now. Back on Thursday.



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