Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Draw 14

I have NT vs QC in front of me, MB vs AB on the next sheet (!), NB vs NS on the enxt, and NO vs PE in the hinterlands. Guess which is TSN's feature! Yup, you are right.

Now I can guilteslly blog lightly. I'll give occasional updates for those with no TSN, and remark on anything striking.

Four ends in Manitoba leads 3-0, having stolen two in the third, as Martin is having trouble reading the ice correctly. Stoughton seems to have missed a couple of calls but not so dramatically.

Fifth end blanked so 3-0 at the break.

The tension is occaasionally broken in funny ways. QC And NT are playing on Sheet A and fans near our end of it tried unsuccessfully to start a wave until one of the Quebec players drew the crowd out and got it started. Later when another player made a great shot he (gagne) elicited much of his own applause. And did it once more later. Some cliches have some merit.

Manitoba get 2 in the 7th to lead 5-1.

Martin shakes hands.



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