Thursday, March 10, 2011

Draw 15, Morning Draw, early ends

We are doubly fortunate this morning, maybe quadruply fortunate. We have the Manitoba - Newfoundland game on Sheet A in front of us. And next to that is the Ontario - NW/YT game. Also Alan and I have the delightful Adriann Kennedy assigned to the seat between us, along with Joe Pavio (Ottawa Sun) to my right. As I said, quadruple bonus.

We are assuming that our readers have access to the feature game on TSN (Man - NF) or at the very least to Curlcast for scores. So our posting will again be more reflective or about various ancillary details than repetitive of things you can otherwise see on those other sources.

End #1
Both games start with plenty of rocks in play. It is unlikely either game will begin with one or two blanked ends. With Gushue's first rock, he made a nice raise takeout but couldn't save the shooter, which would have made life difficult for Stoughton. Meanwhile Howard drew to the button to score two in the first end vs. NT.

With his last rock, Gushue made a nice tap back, saving the shooter, but Stoughton peels it to blank the end, contrary to me expectations....8-)

End #2:
As you all probably know, the only way NO can make the play0ffs would be via a tie-breaker, and the only way that can happen is if they win both their games today and if one of NL, ON, or AB lose two. We know that one of ON or AB will lose at least one game, since they play each other tonight, so it's important for ON and AB not to let up in their other games today.

Other than that, I'm struck by the cream vs skimmed milk characterization that fits this year's Brier. There are four teams that are definitely superior to the rest of the field, and they are all four assured of making at least a tie-breaker if not the playoffs. At the same time, I wonder whether being out of it on the last day affects the motivations of the players on the other two sheets.

We'd like to start a pool on how soon NT shakes hands with ON, but PEI was fined for quitting early against ON yesterday (ON has offered to split the fine). Koe's last rock is aginst five ON rocks. His draw is a bit heavy; steal of three for ON, leading 5 zip after 2.

On sheet A, Gushue drew behind two guards to the back 4' lying one, but MN lies 2 and 3. But Gushue's shot was so good, Stoughton might be able to tap it back a bit, but it will be a tough shot. It rubbed on the guard, steal of one for NL.

What happened? half this post was there but then disappeared. Argh.

End #5:
Howard has the hammer and made a convoluted double-raise double take-out to score two and lead 8-1 over NT.

With his first rock, Gushue made a split double removing the two MN rocks from the rings. Stoughton replied with a double of his own, saving the shooter. Gushue hit and stayed in the rings, leaving Stoughton with a peel for the blank. 3-3 at the halfway mark.



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