Thursday, March 10, 2011

Draw 16, Afternoon, Early Ends

Three of the four games this afternoon matter to the standings somehow. Northern Ontario must defeat NB to have a hope of even making it to a tie-breaker. That's the featured game on Sheet A.

Alberta must defeat the Territories on Sheet C to clinch a spot in the playoffs and move into a very temporary four-way tie for first place.

And on Sheet D, if Manitoba wins, they are guaranteed a spot in the 1-2 playoff.

End #1: NO-NB blanked the first end, AB scored two against NT, and Quebec was forced to take one against Manitoba.

End #2: On Sheet D, Quebec failed to make a double, leaving Stoughton a draw for two, but he came up short of the rings. NO and NB blank the 2nd end, so there's still no score on Sheet A; and Alberta steals one against NT, leading 3-0.

End #3: NO draws against one in the back of th 4' and barely hangs on to score one. Koe hits and sticks to score two for NT against AB; and I missed what happened way over on Sheet D, but I see Quebec scored a deuce to lead MN 3-1, much to the delight of the crowd.

It looks as if for the most part the fans here are cheering for AB and MN to lose so that Ontario will have a better chance of making the 1-2 playoffs on the weekend.

End #4: NB scores one to tie NO. On Sheet C, Martin taps back a NT rock but AB has only one in the house. Koe removes that one and lies 5, forcing Martin to draw to the 4' to score one (he landed on the button, which is typically impressive). And on Sheet D, QC missed a takeout attempt leading up to skips' stones. Beauty hit-roll by Stoughton to lie 2, maybe 3. Raise take-out by Gagne, but he leaves MN sitting 1, almost 2, but then Stoughton draws. Measure to see the total results. Three for MN, who lead 4-3.

End #5: Harnden hit but didn't roll behind the guard for NO, but Jacobs doubles off the NB stones to split the rings and lie two. Hit and stick by NB. Hit and stick by NO to score two and lead 3-1 at the break. Meanwhile, the Territories (NT) are giving Martin a bit 0f a fight on Sheet C, and MN and QC are locked in a close struggle on Sheet D.

On Sheet C, Koe was a touch light with a draw but still scored 2 to tie AB 4-4. And on Sheet D, Quebec has a peel to blank the end, trailing MN 4-3.

I'll need to take a break for a bit. more later.



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