Saturday, March 12, 2011

Page Playoff 3-4, Middle Ends

END #5: ON hit and roll to the twelve-foot behind cover, picked out. Laing draws there again, but behind the T. Freeze misses and is open. Hart hits it but gets much less roll than wanted. Morris hit and stay. Hart hit and slight roll - now into four-foot. Martin wants a double; hits and rolls to where Morris was. Howard wrecks on a guard but rolls behind cover. Martin draws to the opt of the button and shot (more because of sweeping than shooting). Howard taps for two.
ON 3 - AB 2

END #6: Here there are a couple of small AB misses during the chess opening. Kennedy cleans up a bit, setting up two AB corner guards. A series of runbacks leaves one ON stone behind four AB rocks, one in the twelve-foot, the others guards out front. Hart punches the rock out of the twelve-foot and rolls to the center, not really behind cover. Morris wrecks on a guard but punches one ON rock out, rolling over as a biter. Howard hits the biter and rolls to the center. Martin freezes in the back of the four-foot for shot. Howard punches it and the backing rock out and loses the shooter. He has a rock in the eight-foot behind a tad of cover. Martin manages to blank.
ON3 - AB 2.

END #7: Pretty open end. Russ Howard uses the metaphor of 'recess' and points out this is a way to make up time on the time clock. I welcome the idea of nothing interesting happening until the eighth end - that is played towards my position. Shouts of 'boring' and 'very boring'. A blank.

END #8: All the first four chess shots are somewhat out of place. Three ON rocks on the T, an AB rock frozen to the middle one. Corner AB guard. Laing taps the AB rock back, removing the backing ON rock. Morris comes around the guard slightly bumping a backing ON rock. Hart removes it and its backing and stays. Morris' intended tap rolls through the traffic to the back of the house. Hart taps his middle stone and removes the AB rock backing it. Four ON rocks around the T-line, an AB rock in the back of the house. Russ Howard sees a triple for AB. Morris gets two ON rocks but goes out and removes the AB rock. ON four-foot.
hat two rocks more or less on the T-line; the AB guard is on the other side of the house. ON put a rock on top of their rock touching the button. Martin doubles those two and stays, but stays open rather than roll in front of backing, as planned. Howard hits and stays. Will Martin try the double? Martin draws to the four-foot.
ON 3 - AB 3



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