Saturday, March 12, 2011

Page Playoff 3-4, Early Ends

Just settling in on the bench preparing for the Alberta-Ontario match coming up.
No sister-kissing here; whoever loses is out, well, out into the hinterlands of the little-loved bronze medal match.

Back again as action approaches.

I am rather hoping Ontario does not get off to the feckless start they got off to against Alberta in the round-robin.

Alberta has the initial hammer, I assume as third-place team. Seems Savill is ill.

END #1: Seems the start is following on the round-robing. The frontend make a bunch of misses early in the first end. With two ALberta rocks in the house Hat freeezes to the back one. Morris bounces off it slightly, but actually a bit into cover. Howard`s freeze attempt is thwarted by the front stone in the house. THis leaves Martin a double. He removes one and moves one of his own sitting in front ot the Ontario rock. (Russ : `That was just a bad throw.`) Howard freezes pretty well to the Alberta rock. `Forget it`, Martin calls. He is lucky to get one. Both teams are lucky.
AB 1 - ON 0.

END #2: Again we have rocks not getting quite behind cover as intended, and so getting knowcked away. After Hart's first shot we have an AB center guard and an ON corner guard, and AB shot stone, ON second shot, all open. Morrish its and rolls out, not as planned. Hart hits and rolls to center. Not dead buried but substantially. Martin's freeze attempt is shot but bounced a bit and is at an angle. Howard plans a tap to bury both ON rocks; Linda is a bit worried about weight and curl. Right on the button, though no tap. AB still second shot. Martin angle freezes. Tap again? Looks a little dangerous to me. A whiff - he had to be very thin. ON take 1.
ON 1 - AB 1.

END #3: After an exchange of guards and the like, Kennedy cleans up a lot. And Morris cleans up some more. IN the process AB have left two stones out front. Hart bitest the front four-foot behind the AB rocks. Morris's runback misses and rolls over in front of the other side of the house. Howard puts up a guard not really defending his rock in the house. Maartin hits and rolls not quite behind cover. Howard nose-hits. AB blank.

END #4: After the usual chess opening we are now getting mutual freezes. Kennedy makes a hit and roll behind cover that separates the frozen rocks. More freezing. Hart gets to the back button behind cover. AB freeze to that. "nutjam"? Don't know that word. Hart comes in front of that. It's a mess. AB try to tap one into second shot but that is still ON. Howard coems through a hole very tightly to the button. Martin tries to guard against a tap-back, but crashes on a guard, coming up short out of his hand. Howard's tap moves his own rock possibly to hsot but does not clear the AB stones he was hoping to remove. Martin beautifully taps ON shot out of the button for one.
AB 2 - ON 1.


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