Saturday, March 12, 2011

Page Playoff 3-4, Final Ends

END #9: Long AB center guard, ON on the button, AB rock frozen to it. ON goes to the twelve-foot on the T-line. AB freeze to the AB frozen rock is open and angled. ON peel. AB put up a front guard, not quite covering the rocks behind. ON peel. Guarding attempt comes up short and off the center. Hart punches away the front AB rock in the house and stays. Morris freeze attempt turns into a center guard. Hart makes a big miss, removing one ON rock, moving everything off the center. ABD can come in around the guard. Martin gets by the guards but goes too deep. Howard draws to the back of the four-foot, too far. Martin freezes to it, right on the button. Howard comes right on top of it; I think it's AB scoring but it is not obvious. The measuring stick cannot be used. I am SO glad I am not the umpire! He calls AB.
AB 4 - ON 3.

Back in the eighth end, one of Martin's calls was challenged by Morris, and as the two were negotiating about the planned shot a voice called from the audience, "Listen to your skip! He got you a gold medal." Martin was laughing. (Morris won the negotiation.)

END #10: Ontario at least get the hammer out of the last end. Laing's attempt at a hit and roll gets too little roll; sits in front eight-foot slightly behind cover. Morris freezes to it. Hart freezes to that, and punches the ON rock behind it to the eight-foot. Morris gets a bump on that, moving the AB rock to the front four-foot. Hart hits a beauty tap-back, making the AB rock a back biter and leaving two ON rocks in the four-foot. I presume the nuclear option is coming from Martin. Martin kills two but leaves ON sitting one. ON hit an AB rock in the front twelve and sit. Martin shot a total miss. ON 2

Ontario make the semi!



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