Saturday, March 12, 2011

Semi-Final, Middle Ends

END #5: NL center guard, ON corner, two rocks in the house (one of each), hitting and rolling going on. Hart just whiskers a guard to get a NL rock - what brushing! Gushue gets a tiny roll, removing Hart's rock. Howard just barely touches it but enough to remove it, while losing the shooter. Gushue tries to draw behind cover but he is open. Howard hits and stays for two,
ON 4 - NL 3

END #6: Howard's last rock faces two NL rocks; he bounces the wrong way and leaves Gushue a draw to the eight for two. Which goes way too deep. NL take one.
ON 4 - NL 4

END #7: After a bit of a mess built up Nichols blasts things open, though not quite as hoped, leaving an ON stone in play. Hart pops out a NL rock and ON lie two. NL hit one and stick. Hart hits and sticks. Gushue hits and stays. Howard hits and stays. Gushue hits and rolls over on top of the other ON stone. Very nice. Howard gently taps the NL rock for 2 and the palce goes wild here.
ON 6 - NL 4

Unbelievably, between ends, there is a competition involving the throwing of Timbibts onto the ice, presumably as entertainment for the audience. The NL players seem to be watching.

END #8
: ON inadvertently take all rocks out of play on what was meant as a simple peel. NL put up guards, ON peel. Rinse, lather repeat (with concerns about jams). NL put a rock in against backing just outside the rings. ON blast that configuration away. End blanked.



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