Saturday, March 12, 2011

Semi-Final, Early Ends

Well, my plan was to go home, but I changed my mind around 4 this afternoon (before Ontario) made the final, and I'm settled back on the media bench awaiting practice.
The atmosphere here at the JLC is too much fun to pass up (though I expect I will pass it up tomorrow). The absolute explosion that followed the Ontario win this afternoon was a bit of a measure of how excited the fans are.
I'd have been as excited to see Alberta in the final, but there is no question the atmosphere will be even madder with Ontario playing.

Coming from the Page 1-2, Newfoundland and Labrador get the initial hammer.

END #1: Pretty wide open even after an ON center guard. Howard rolls behinbd the guard with his last rock, after a series of exchanges. Gudhue draws for one.
NL 1 - ON 0

END #2: Blanked.
NL 1 - ON 0

END #3: NL center guard and ON corner guard. One rock each in the house. AMazing shot - ON tap their rock back into a freeze on the NL rock and roll behind the center guard. NL then double off the ON rocks, leaving their own! Hart removes it and rolls behind cover in the twelve-foot. NL remove it and roll out. ON come around behind the center guard - slightly exposed. NL runback just misses, and leavess the shooter out front. ON split their rocks front and diagonal back. Gushue hits the front one leaving Howard a hit for two.
ON 2 - NL 1

END #4: A lot of play in the house behind guards in this end. Two NL stones in front of two ON stones, the NL stones counting. Hart pushes one of those to the back of the house and rolls over on top of the other. (A Plan B.) Nichols whiffs. ON call 'pick' but roll to the back of the back four-foot. NL put a rock on the button. ON whiff. NL draw for 2.
NL 3 - ON 2



At 3/12/2011 8:10 p.m., Blogger EclectEcon said...

Glad you stayed! But let me know if you'd like a breather.


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