Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Bronze Medal Game

As you probably guessed, neither Alan nor I was very enthusiastic about covering the bronze medal game between Alberta and Newfoundland/Labrador. I understand why it is played: it sells tickets and it generates some ratings that might be better than the ratings for anything else TSN would show. And it pays an extra $10K to the team that wins it, which is nothing to sneeze at, given the compensation in curling.

So I understand why it has been introduced. But it isn't a big thing in my mind --- about the same as the finals of some of the less significant spiels on the tour.

I'm back in Regina, now. I managed to get to the house here just in time to turn on the tv and see Martin concede to Gushue. I confess to being happy for Mark Nichols that his team at least won the bronze, but at the same time, as usual, I felt as if the media overdid that human interest story.

So now I'm relaxing, getting ready to watch tonight's final. I expect the joint will be jumpin'!



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