Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Why Is TSN Telecasting only ONE GAME per Day from the Women's Worlds?

In a previous posting, I showed the TSN broadcast schedule for the 2011 Women's World Curling Championships in Denmark. It looks as if TSN will be telecasting only one game per day. They won't even be showing all the games Canada will be playing. Why is that? Were they unwilling to pay enough to secure the rights to the other games? Surely time cannot be a problem for the announcers since they do two games per day during the Scott and the Brier. Do they really think they will have bigger audiences from other shows?

If that broadcast schedule holds up, we will miss the following games involving Canada (times are EDT):
  • Sunday, 9am, Russia
  • Monday, 9am, Norway
  • Tuesday, 4am, Czech Republic
  • Wednesday, 2pm, Sweden
  • Thursday, 4am, Korea
The posted schedule for TSN's telecasts is very disappointing! Let's hope they change their minds.

For the full schedule of play, see this site.

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