Sunday, March 13, 2011

Brier Final, Later Ends

END #6: MB force ON to draw for one but Howard comes up wekk short and MB steal two.
MB 6 - ON 2

END #7: MB start peeling guards.With two MB rocks in the rings, ON get a rock behind cover but it is third shot. Mead peels the cover. Hart hits one MB rock, leaving his shooter near the other. Stoughton hits one and rolls out. Howard hits and stays, sitting two. Stoughton hits and stays. The crowd is awfully enthusiastic for a potential deuce that still leaves hte gap at two. ON take two.
MB 6 - ON 4

END #8: ON maintaining guards in front of a rock of their in the house. MB peel the front one. ON come into the house with teh next rock, sitting beside a MB rock in the front of the eight-foot. Mead runs a MB guard back, removing one of the ON rocks, and moving the other into the open. Hart puts a rock into the house with MB backing, exposed though. Mead picks it out. ON freeze attempt bumps a little. Stoughton clears it and its backing. Howard draws almost behind cover (actually he hits and rolls). Stoughton makes a great hit and roll for two.
MB 8 - ON 4

END #9: ON get two.
MB 8 - ON 6

END #10: ON puts up some guards, as does MB and now the peeling starts. ON put a rock on the button behind cover. MB peel the center guard that was the cover. ON replace it. MB peel. We are now on third rocks. ON freeze to their own rock and Mead doubles them away. One more rock. ON freeze to a MB rock behind cover. MB peel the over. HOward freezes to his rock with a bump (and he lies only one as a result, not that it matters). MB hit and it is over.

Manitoba win the Brier.


At 3/13/2011 10:30 p.m., Blogger EclectEcon said...

The curling percentages on CurlCast suggest that this was a VERY well-curled game. All the players curled 90% or better except Howard, who curled 87%.

What I saw didn't look THAT good to me, but I must say the Stoughton-Mead combo looks as if they will be excellent representatives for Canada next month in Regina.


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