Thursday, March 24, 2011

Update from the Women's World's

After the useless tournament site was unreachable for a couple of hours, I finally got it all to come up and discovered that of the three teams at 7-4, Denmark moves to the 3-4 Page Playoff (the one that is not kissing your sister), and Canada has to play a tiebreaker with Switzerland (good for Ott!).
You discover that on one page.
Searching for another page, you find this match will be one of those early morning hour matches for us. So I will set my watch for 4am, after confirming that TSN intends to carry it. I assume they will, though my assumptions are oft violated.
I assume Page 1-2 Playoff (kissing your sister) will be at 2pm Eastern time and could be interesting, Sweden versus China.
Overall an interesting tournament, for all the frustration of trying to watch it.

Now this is interesting. I decided to check TSN's site; they will show the tiebreaker at 9am. This creates a very interesting problem for me; should I get up to try to access the useless website? Or maybe I can follow the match on the site suggested in comments to a previous post.

The championship site is clear that if there is only one tiebreaker it is at 9am CET. Damn.



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