Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Draw #8: Last Two Games to finish in this draw

As the skips prepare to throw their last rocks, Canada is lying two and has two other rocks in the house. With his first rock, Fenson neatly taps one out but rolls way back to the back 12' himself.

Meanwhile Norway needs a steal against France to win, but there are just one rock from each time on opposite sides of the 4'. They'll have trouble doing it.

Back to Canada-US. Stoughton draws but is a bit deep, leaving a tough draw to the 4' for Fenson to tie it up. He's just an inch or two heavy, and Canada steals another to win it 5-3.

And France executed a perfect hit and stick to defeat Norway in their game 6-5.

Now to rush down to the media scrum to interview Jeff for CHRW radio!!



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