Monday, April 04, 2011

Shirt Update

Yesterday I remarked that most players curl with their shirts tucked in. I also promised to update the readers on this vital fashion concern. So here is the situation as the teams in the 8th Draw are in the the 4th end:

  • Sheet A: all the curlers for both the US and Canada have their shirts tucked in.
  • Sheet B: all the Czech curlers have their shirts tucked in. It looks as if one of the Korean curlers might have his shirttail out, and I cannot tell about skip Lee. I'll have to ask him personally.
  • Sheet C: all the Swiss curlers have their shirts tucked in. So do all the Danes.
  • Sheet D: one Norwegian and one French curler have their shirttails out.
Let me add that because ALL the players are wearing cordless mikes, wearing a shirttail untucked requires either bunching it up at the microphone or covering the mike.

I don't recall: how many (if any) women curlers wear their shirts untucked in?

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