Monday, April 04, 2011

Team Edin Becoming a Force

My attention, which initially included them at a high level, faded a bit when they lost their first-round match.
But one must be careful with that. In the end they lost out to Scotland, currently at 4-0, and by only one rock.
Looking over this morning's statistical summary, it is interesting to note that two of their players have the best curling percentages at the position (I am not sure what those numbers say, but they are a reflection of how successfully shots from that position were made). And their demolition of China this morning was complete.
I almost feel sorry for Norway, who meet them this afternoon (and that follows what they did to the US). Ulsrud had better figure out what the problems are.
I'll be on the road and likely able to see only a minute or two of the afternoon draw.
I will eagerly await the statistical report.


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