Sunday, April 03, 2011

Draw #5: some preflections

Tonight's draw should have a number of excellent matchups. Even though Canada isn't playing, the folks here at Brandt Place should enjoy themselves.
  • Sheet A: Sweden and the USA. The Swedish team looks to be a possible contender for a play-off spot. The USA has been good at times in the past. Both teams are 1-1. This could be an even match.
  • Sheet B: Scotland and Switzerland. Both teams seem quite good and the match-up will be one we'll be particularly interested in. Scotland looks particularly strong so far this year.
  • Sheet C: Germany and Norway. Norway has been struggling, and this afternoon Jon Mead called Andy Kapp (skip, Germany) a seven-man wrecking crew. Both teams have the strong potential to make the playoffs.
  • Sheet D: China and the Czech Republic. Before the tournament began, I might have expected this game to be a blowout in China's favour, but Czech has shown considerable ability, defeating Norway this morning. Even if China is favoured, it won't be a walk-over.
As I said, these matches will all be very interesting. We're looking forward to seeing them.



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