Sunday, April 03, 2011

Draw #4 : Korea - Scotland

The habit here of playing the national anthem of the country whose team is team of the day makes for a nice respite from having to listen to 'O Canada' in every draw.

UPDATE 2 : Korea play to the bitter end, 9-6 Scotland

UPDATE: Korea was working its way back with steals (after all from yesterday they know it can happen), but Scotland take two in the eighth, making it 9-4. They have decided to play on.

END #4: Another series of missed freezes by KO as SC make theirs, and missd shots by Lee, leave Brewster a draw for five. I'll be back if fortunes change.
SC 7 - KO 1.

END #3: A series of KO missed freezes, and even a hit, force a draw for one.
SC 2 - KO 1

END #2: The whole end so far has been around the second SC rock which came to the button angled against a KO rock behind the SC first rock, a front guard. Basically, as in the first end, that rock on the button gets surrounded by KO and SC rocks, to the point where it iss hard to move it or find a path to the button. Lee's first rock is an in-off not quite as planned but it juggles rocks a bit. SC guard their shot rock touching the button. Lee considers runback of a front SC guard. Instead he clears away all the front guards. The SC guard attempt overcurls. Lee calls the coach out. Lee's in-off attempt misses again. I cannot fault them for considering and trying hard shots; in the first several ends againsr Norway that worked. And then it didn't. SC steal one.
SC 2 - KO 0

I am hoping the Korean team is less dispirited than they seemed in their second match.
Scotland have the initial hammer.

END #1: KO seems ot be having trouble early finding the line - two freeze attempts that bumped and a wrong-way roll on a hit. This allows SC to get some rocks behind cover. A SC whiff gives KO a play but Lee misses his attempt to raise into the center. Brewster puts up a guard. Lee wrecks on hte front guard. Brewster takes one. Given that Lee's shooting percentage right now is 0%, KO dodge a bullet.
SC 1 - KO 0.



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