Saturday, April 02, 2011

Draw #2: Canada vs. Denmark, First Half

There aren't quite as many people here tonight as there were this afternoon for the opening ceremonies and opening draw, but it is still a pretty full house for Draw #2. After the first two ends, Canada seemed to be in control of the game, taking two in the first end, with the hammer, and maintaining pressure on Denmark in the second, forcing them to take one. Canada's curling percentages through 2 ends were very good (about 88% overall) and Denmark's were horrid at under 50%!

But, my how things changed in the third end as Canada missed a LOT of their shots and gave up a steal of three to Denmark. What started as Canadian dominance became a Denmark two-rock lead. In the fourth, Canada got lucky as the Danes hit and rolled out a couple of times after having set up quite a challenging house, so Stoughton was able to blank the end. In the fifth end, Denmark played well again, splitting the rings and forcing Stoughton to draw for 1.
After five ends, Denmark 4, Canada 3.



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