Saturday, April 02, 2011

Draw #1 : Norway - Korea Later Ends

END #11: NO get behind a guard and then there is an exchange of hits and guarding. Ulsrud's first rock guards a KO rock in front of the house, closing access to the four-foot, where NO has a rock. Lee misses the draw, crashing on the NO rock. Ulsrud guards again, his rock's side of the house. Lee misses. NO steal one.
NO 8 - KO 7

END #10: NO gets two rocks in the house behind a NO guard. because of missed peel. KO runback removes only one (NO still has two) and replaces the guard. NO draw behind their front rock. KO hit the front one and remove it, moving the other NO rock to the twelve. NO angle a rock onto the KO rock near the house. I missed what KO did but NO draw to close off the buttton sitting on centre in the eight-foot. KO wreck on a guard., opening up the center a bit and rolling away. NO guard the center. KO peel but don't get the double they wanted. NO want their coach. Ulsrud freezes to his front rock, focing Lee to draw, which has not been his forte, and NO steal one.
KO 7 - NO 7.

END #9: NO manage to get a rock in the house behind their own guard, and KO miss a couple of runbacks. First KO skip rock is against three NO rocks in the house. KO manages a double. Ulsrud buries his last rock behind KO guards. KO miss the draw to allow a steal of one.
KO 7 - NO 6.

END #8: KO are now peeling even their own rocks. :-) NO split the house after they get in behind a guard that is peeled. An exchange of hits and stays follows. Ulsrud drawss sfor his two.
KO 7 - NO 5.

END #7: Early the KO lead makes a couple of errorss going long, kicking a series of guarding and peeling. KO puts the efirst skip rock into the house, and Ulsrud misses. KO bumps its rock, splitting two in the house. Ulsrud's last shot laves KO another steal of one.
KO 7 - NO 3

The scoring so far shows much of the difference with NO's middle guys shooting in the 60s and KO's in the 80s. Missed draws, guards wrecked on, coming up short, etc.

END #6: Well this is looking like earlier ends, with a few missed NO shots as above. NO's last third shot faces four KO rocks in the house. This shot draws to the four foot, somewhat covered. KO runback to clear it and count five. NO peels the front KO rock. KO replace it. Ulsrud draws but gives up a KO steal of one.
KO 6 - NO 3


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