Saturday, April 02, 2011

Draw #1 : Norway-Korea Early Ends

I'll be little sparser now.

END #5: Ulsrud's last rock is against thee KO rocks in the house. He doubles, leaving a draw for two. Duly made.
KO 5 - NOR 3.

This is proving a lot more interesting than I expected.

END #4: An initial NO guard led to a number of shots coming up short, piling up what became guards in front of the house. After NO finally got a biter, KO hit and rolled too far. NO hit that and rolled behind cover. KO peeled and we have a KO rock offset in front of a NO rock, guarding a NO rock in the eight. NO draw to the button but exposed. KO peel the front NO rock taking the covered NO rock with it and rolling out. NO put up a front biter as cover and an obstacle to the front KO rock. KO peel it and replace it. NO guard next to that KO rock. KO peel the NO rock and double out the rock in the house, the shooter sticking. NO draw to the button. KO miss the draw and NO steal one.
KO 3 - NO 3

END #3: KO put an initial rock on the button and NO guarded. After wrecking on the guard a couple of times, NO finally get behind corner guard cover. KO put a second center guard up to protect their rock on the button. NO wreck on the guard in a draw (freze) attempt and roll the the twelve-foot on the other side from the buried NO rock. KO succeed on that draw and now lie two. NO hit one of the KO rocks out but roll open. KO poke that rock out and roll toward cover. Ulsrud double the KO rocks and scores two. Fantastic shot!
KO 3 - NO 2.

END #2: NO try a long center guard. KO come in behind it. NO hit that out and stick. KO hit and remove that and roll behind the guard. NO remove that and roll to the twelve-foot in front of the T. KO hit and stick. NO hit and stick. KO hit and roll not quite behind covver. NO hit and roll out. KO draw and it looks nicely covered on the button. NO brush the guard and roll beside it on the side with the guard. KO draw behind cover right in front of their other rock. NO peels the covering guard. Norway are in trouble. KO guard. NO discuss this shot for quite a while. No run one of their guards into the KO rock on the button and both spill. KO can draw for two or try to slpit the front guard for three. They do the latter. These guys are no pushovers.
KO 3 - NO 0.

Korea has the initial hammer.

END #1: NO center guard, KO try but do not get behind it. NO hit nd roll wide. KO hit and stay. NO hit and roll out. KO peel. NO inot the front four-foot. KO hit and roll to the side. NO hit and roll out. KO into the twelve-foot, T-line. NO hit and roll over into the four-foot. KO hit and roll to the twelve-foot. NO hit and stick. KO hit and roll out. NO to the front twelvside with shot rock. KO blank. Korea is looking pretty good.



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