Saturday, April 02, 2011

Draw #1: Canada vs. Switzerland

In the very first end, Switzerland drew to the Canada rock, Stoughton drew for what he thought might be two, but then it turned out the measurement for second shot was indeterminate. So Canada scored only one with the hammer. An interesting beginning, for sure!

Through the first four ends, Switzerland looked to be out-curling Canada (for once, I haven't checked the stats to verify this!). Switzerland blanked one end, scored two in the other end when they had the hammer; and when Canada had the hammer, the Swiss forced Canada to take only one each time.

In the fifth end, Canada managed to clog up the house pretty well. Stoughton's first rock was a beauty hit and roll that took away the opportunity for Switzerland to tap their own rock up, so they had to try to draw around guard to the 4'. But they were a tad light, wrecked on the guard, and gave up a steal of three. Canada 5, Switzerland 2 after five ends.



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