Saturday, April 02, 2011

Draw #1: Canada vs. Switzerland, Second Half

After Canada stole three in the fifth, they forced Switzerland to take only one with the hammer in the sixth as Stoughton placed his last shot behind a corner guard, leaving Schwaller (SUI skip) with only a draw to salvage one. There was a sense that the momentum changed after the fifth end.

In the 7th end, Canada seemed to be out-strategizing the Swiss for most of the end, but Schwaller made a superb draw around the centre guard, and Stoughton couldn't remove it, so the Swiss stole one. And, of course, the momentum swung again.... and Canada barely scored one with the hammer in the 8th end.

But in the 9th end, Stoughton made an absolutely amazing double, splitting two Swiss rocks around a Canadian rock. As a result of that shot and some missed shots by the Swiss, Canada stole two more and the Swiss shook hands. Canada 8, Switzerland 4.



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