Saturday, April 02, 2011

Draw #2 : Sweden - Scotland, Early Ends

This will be lighter tracking than previously.

END #5: There have certainly been some aggressively played ends so far. After a pretty open exchange of hitting, SC end up splitting the house. Edin hits one and rolls to the middle. SC hit. Edin hits but does not get the double. SC have an open draw for two. Brewster makes it.
SC 3 - SW 3

END #4: Trading rocks again behind guards, never quite buried. Edlin finally gets a roll behind cover though SC has a runback available. SC freeze to the SW stone with a slight bump. SW freeze back. SC try the runback and move the front SW rock, not the one they had planned. SW angle-freeze back. Better SC runback, punching a couple fo SW rocks away from the button. SW has a rock there but there are now two SC rocks angle-frozen that can be used for runbacks. SW guard the path to those rocks. SC put a rock in front of the trio. Edin tries to draw and makes it for two.
SW 3 - SC 1

END #3: SC get a guarded rock inside the house, with two SW rocks in front of the house to the side. SW peel and stay to make it three. SC guard attempt curls too far. SW hit but do not get a roll behind the cover. SC hit and SW blank.
SW 1 - SC 1

END #2: Whole lot of freezin' goin' on. Four SC rocks surround a SW rock touching the button, behind a SW rock in the eight and a SW guard out front. SW hit the guard and replace it, and replace the rock in the eight with one in the four, and the onee by the button surrounded by three SC rocks now. SC make it four again. SW freeze in front of the configuration. SC do not even take the last shot settling for one.
SW 1 - SC 1.

END #1: Edin (SW) got a very nice position early in the house behind a SW guard, and it looks like a potential three despite some pretty good hitting by SC. Edin's first rock hits but rolls out instead of staying in. SC attempt to freeze to a buried SW rock and wreck on the guard, leaving Edin an easy hit for three. Edin hits but rolls out and bumps another of his rocks out. An end rather of the form "You take it. No you take it."
SW 1 - SC 0



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