Saturday, April 02, 2011

Cell Phones at the Worlds:
if a cell phone rings in a crowd, will a curler hear it?

Long-time readers of this blog may remember how incensed I was five years ago at the Scott Tournament of Hearts when the emcee for the event, before each draw, asked fans to turn off the ringers on their cell phones, supposedly because they might disturb the curlers.

What kind of nonsense is that??? I know it's trivial and petty of me, but this request smacks of control-freakiness to the nth degree.

Anyone who has ever attended a curling tournament will recognize the silliness of the request. There are cheers, applause, cowbells, chants, even loud electronic noise-makers going on all the time. If a cell phone rings, no one on the ice will even notice it. And even if they do notice it, it will be far less disruptive than the cowbells, vuvuzelas, bicycle horns, etc.

To the organizers: I know this is a minor request, but could you please, PLEASE ask the emcee to drop that ridiculously insulting part of his opening remarks?

[update: To see what I wrote about this idiotic request over five years ago, click here. It was a bit tamer than this post, but as Alan says, I'm exasperated because it has gone on for so long.]

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