Saturday, April 02, 2011


Some fun observations from our first day at the 2011 Men's World Curling Championship:
  • Right after the media interviewed Ulsrud (Skip, Norway), Christoffer Svae walked by and said, "It was much easier winning last year without him," referring to the fact that Thomas Urlsud had not curled with the Norwegian team at last year's tournament, having left for family reasons.
  • There seems to be a LOT of popcorn being sold here.
  • Also, there as several ice cream stands here, and despite the cool temperatures inside the Brandt Arena and despite the snow outside, 8-(, lots of people are buying ice cream cones and dishes of ice cream. Maybe that just means folks in Saskatchewan are tough?
  • The souvenir/apparel shop is already sold out of some sizes of their apparel. Just after one draw! But they expect large shipments of more gear in the next day or so.
  • The media room doesn't provide beer here, as they did in London, Ontario, at The Brier. I never had any there, and I doubt if I'd have any here, but the difference is interesting.
  • Jorg Leuenberger of the Swiss Curling Federation is our benchmate here. He says that the attendance at the Swiss championship tournament was about 500. And earlier Andy Kapp said the attendance at the German championship was only 100 or so. That's quite a difference from Canada.



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